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  • The Course
    SCIP is an intensive exam preparation course that takes place in the weeks prior to the clinical exam. The main focus of the course is exam technique, maximising the marks you get for the knowledge you already have.

    The course is split over 2 days. The first day is spent preparing candidates with a series of interactive tutorials, workgroups and practice sessions aimed at improving the exam technique in a constructive, non-threatening manner.

    The second day is a mock exam day; conditions are as close as possible to the actual exam. Each candidate will sit the equivalent of 2 full exams (2 OSCEs and 2 SOEs) as well as observing 2 further SOEs.

    Each element of the course includes feedback, usually after each element as well as at the end of the course.
  • Location
    SCIP is held at Legacy Hotels New Place which offers a professional business setting (very different from a hospital setting) such as you will encounter at the Royal College. This has the added convenience of being within 12 miles of Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester, with easy access from the M3, M27 and via Southampton Airport.
    There is hotel accommodation onsite in a modern suite separate from the main house where the course runs. This suite includes a range of hotel services. For more details see Accommodation below. 
  • Accommodation

    If you live some distance away, you will need to organise your own accommodation. We do not do this for you. Wherever you stay, you need to be able to get to the venue for 8am on both days of the course.
    The SCIP course venue (see Location above) has its own accommodation facilities. There are 110 rooms, many ensuite, as well as a gymnasium, sauna, an indoor swimming pool, a bar, a restaurant and a bistro. Whilst the rooms at New Place are relatively expensive (typically £60-90 per night), it is obviously convenient as you will have a slightly more leisurely start to the day. To book directly with New Place go to their

  • About Us
    The SCIP course was initially created by a consultant and 3 ST2's who were frustrated by the difficulties of organising Primary FRCA SOE and OSCE practice. Since we started in 2000 we have run the course three times every year covering every sitting of the exam.

    Our philosophy is unusual in that we use a mixture of Consultants, senior trainees and recent successful exam candidates as tutors. Remember that most UK consultants have never sat Primary FRCA (it is a relatively new exam), many have never been to the College to observe Primary, most have never even sat an OSCE Exam.

    To maintain the quality of the course we only ever accept 16 candidates as this kind of teaching is very labour intensive (we usually have 12 faculty on day 1 and 22 faculty on day 2). SCIP has been so successful that we have worked with colleagues in 2 other regions who wished to run a duplicate copy of SCIP; as a result SCIPY now runs very successfully in the Yorkshire region
    (South Coast Intensive Primary: Yorkshire course). Sadly the Severn region BIP Course is no longer running. Both SCIP & SCIPY are run separately but work closely together to ensure a high-quality experience for all our candidates and to develop the course in response to changes in the exam process.
  • Contact
    To contact us for further information please email us.

    We only accept applications on the online application form. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis
    , so please apply early to avoid disappointment. We only accept applications for the upcoming course and applications for the next course open in the week after each sitting of the exam. This ensures fairness and reduces confusion. Please read the small print with the application form.
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