Exam Technique
The purpose of the SCIP Course is to try and teach you something about exam technique. An intensive 2 day course just prior to a difficult exam will, I hope, give you a small taster of how much more you can achieve with some targeted preparation. I hope you will be encouraged to go on afterwards and develop your “exam technique” as it is a transferable skill, useful for future exams, interviews, stressful situations etc.

Some candidates will benefit from further teaching in exam technique. If your memory of oral exams or interviews is strongly associated with feelings of embarrassment, panic, inability to speak, thought-blocking, ‘locking-in’ of information, pressure of speech, palpitations, feelings of inadequacy etc then you might benefit from some additional techniques that we cannot include in the course. You may have already developed strategies to help you in these situations and wish to improve these or you may just be curious to learn some techniques to improve your overall performance in any stressful situation. If you are interested in learning more about this, please
contact me.